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    Programa de Inovación Continua PIC - Productivity increase through innovation

    The project supports technological and process innovation in agricultural production and value chains, which are expected to lead to higher competitiveness and food security among producers. The aim is also to strengthen and institutionalise innovation, knowledge transfer and research in a range of value chains including potatoes, maize and fruits. The project is implemented by SDC Bolivia in collaboration with various national partners.

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    COMRURAL - Rural competitiveness

    Comrural contributes to increase the competitiveness of small farmers who have organised themselves in rural cooperatives. Besides competitiveness, Comrural considers other principles such as; shared risk, mutual benefits, social, ecological, economic and institutional sustainability. The concerned value chains are in fruits, horticulture, fishery, apiculture, coffee and tourism. The project is jointly financed by the World Bank, Government of Honduras, private financial sector, cooperatives and SDC.

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    INCOPA - Innovation and Competitiveness of the Peruvian Potato

    This project uses a VCD approach, is targeted at small producers and seeks to improve the effectiveness of the entire potato sector in Peru. The institutional resources earmarked for this project should stimulate technological, institutional and commercial innovation. The targeted regions are Lima, Huanuco, Huancavelica, Apurímac and Puno. The project is implemented by the International Potato Centre, Lima, with NGOs, the Ministries of Agriculture and Production, as well as producer, trading and processing associations.

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    Publication on the contributions of INCOPA to the potato sector development (Spanish)

    Programme for the Support of Small and Micro Enterprises (APOMIPE)

    The Programme for the Support of Small and Micro Enterprises in Peru – APOMIPE – is a PSD programme using the „Enterprise network“ methodology. The objective is to improve the competitiveness of small producers articulated in Enterprise Networks in various value chains including dairy products, flowers, handicraft and guinea pigs. It is implemented by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation in rural areas of Cajamarca (in alliance with CEDEPAS NORTE), Cusco and La Libertad (in alliance with MINKA).

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